Ref-v3 Page 5

Gaining Momentum Edit

[+1] MP, Momentous Result in the Playbook (not Parting Blow or Counter Attack)

[+1] MP, Taking Out an Enemy

[+1] MP, Passing Successfully (can spend immediately)

[+1] MP, Score goal, [+2] for Screamer! (two or more 6s)

If the ball-token is behind your goal-line, and one of your models is in possession or was the last model in possession of the ball-token you cannot gain momentum.

Spending Momentum Edit

[-1] MP, Bonus Time (+1 to dice-pool, max one per roll)

[-1] MP, Gliding (Ignore rough-ground)

[-1] MP, Shoot at Goal (must still spend [1] Influence)

[-1] MP, Take a Breather Lad! (recover [4] HP, or remove all Conditions)

[-2] MP, Come on Mate! (friend within [8"] recover [4] HP, or removes Conditions)

Reactions Edit

[-1] MP, Counter Attack (Once per enemy per turn: May make an Attack back)

[-1] MP, Defensive Stance ([+1] DEF against Charge)

[-1] MP, Run the Length! (Scoring model may make a [4"] Dodge)

Teamwork Edit

(Perform one of the following after a successful Pass)

  • [-1] MP, Give'n'Go (Kicker may make a [4"] Dodge)
  • [-1] MP, Pass'n'Go (Receiver may make a [4"] Dodge)
  • [-2] MP, Snap Shot! (Receiver Shoots, needs [2] Hits to score)
  • NOTE: Only one Teamwork action may be used per successful pass.