Veteran Hearne (S3.Front)
Veteran Hearne (S3.Back)

To ensure their striker makes the shot, Veteran Hearne lies in wait, ready to ensnare his prey and show them the cruelty of winter. His furs now matted with frost, Hearne proves even the most ardent supporters of the Sun Father can be swayed by the Winter Queen.


Skewered (2 / 2GB) || 6" Range || OPT

Target enemy model suffers [3] DMG and the snared condition. Edit

Last Light (0) || 6" Range || Sustaining || OPT

Once during its activation, when target friendly model uses a Character Play, the friendly model may spend MP instead of Influence to pay the CST of the Character Play. Edit


Light Footed

When this model makes an Advance it ignores the MOV penalty for rough-ground. Edit

Lunar Eclipse

When this model damages an enemy model that is suffering the snared condition with a Playbook damage result, this model may be placed within [1"] of the enemy model. Edit

Winter's Blessing

When this model moves within rough-ground at any point during an Advance it gains [+2"/+2"] MOV. This bonus may only be gained once per Advance for the duration of that Advance. Edit