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Veteran Ox- Season III - Release Trailer

Veteran Ox- Season III - Release Trailer

Guild Ball- Veteran Ox - Design Team Interview

Guild Ball- Veteran Ox - Design Team Interview

Like a rabid hound let loose from his cage , Veteran Ox hungers for vengeance. An avatar of retribution and punishment, Veteran Ox uses his shackles to pull his prey towards him before cracking their bones and crushing their spirits. No longer the Butcher’s Captain, his bloodlust is sure to infect the rest of his team, pushing them to even deadlier levels of ferocity. Coaches across the Empire of the Free Cities beware—the Master Butcher has returned, more dangerous than ever.

Released: 24th February 2017


  • No longer a captain, Ox’s new role on the team will give you Butcher coaches a brand-new way to use Ox on your rosters—build your roster around his relentless rage for maximum bloodshed!
  • Determined to deliver revenge to all players who cross him, Ox's bloodlust is contagious—his fury will bolster the damage potential of his entire team!
  • If you love breaking bones and wrecking face, then give Veteran Ox his chance at vengeance by pre-ordering him today from your local game store!


Get Stuck In!  (1 GB) || Self Range || Sustaining || OPT

This model gains Rowdy. (This model does not gain Ganging Up bonuses. This model does not suffer Crowding Out penalties. Edit

Whirling Chains (2 GB) || Self Range || 4" Pulse

Enemy models within this pulse suffer a [4"] Push directly towards this model. Edit


Lash Out

When an enemy model causes damage to this model with an Attack, after the Attack is resolved the enemy model suffers [1] DMG. Edit

Never Say Die

At the end of this model's activation, this model recovers [1] HP for each enemy model within this model's melee zone. Edit

The Old Ways

When this model inflicts the taken-out condition on an enemy model, this model gains The Owner for the remainder of the turn. Edit
(The Owner [4" Aura]: While within this aura, friendly Guild models gain [+1] DMG to Character Plays that cause damage and Playbook damage results.) Edit

Vindictive [Male]

This model pays [1] less Influence to Charge when targeting an enemy model with the named Character Type. Edit